Eyeglass Lenses

You may be new to glasses or been wearing them for 50 years, either way we're here to help you see better. We will walk you through plenty of lens details should want to know, otherwise we can keep it clean and simple. Contact us with any additional questions or let us know what you are looking for, chances are, it exists.
Clear or Blue Light Lenses

There are many benefits to using a clear lens such as high light transmission and true color recognition. Blue light blocking eyeglass lenses will protect against harmful light spectrums.

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Custom Tinted

We do in-house custom tinting in our Dip Dye Lab. We love to create "Makeup Lenses" or whatever your heart desires. There are so many fantastic attributes when it comes to using a tinted lens.

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Sunglass Lenses

Grey, Brown and G-15 are the most popular standard sunglass lens colors. There is a rainbow of options, and each color has features and benefits. Polarized versus tinted.

What sunglass lens should I choose?

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